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Ferramentas Handman

MAAP College Maker Room

Learning by doing or doing and learning... the basic principle of maker culture is the freedom to create and the focus on solving problems in the most diverse situations created by the teacher during the class, always keeping the student as the protagonist. Check out the 4last projects developed...

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Ecological Vase

The ecological vases were designed and developed by Sala Maker with a focus on sustainability and thinking about the well-being of our beloved Planet Earth. The creation of the vases was an initiative of the "Mother's Day" event and each student presented a gift your mother with this work of art.  


Talent & Business Network

The Talent Festival that takes place in September is the opportunity for students to show what they have produced and, through entrepreneurship, sell these items in search of financial funds to invest in material and equipment for their own maker room. Furthermore, together with this event, it opened doors for us to start polishing the project: "Eu Desenvolvo e Evoluo Com Meu Filho" where the parents of the students will bring to the maker culture already practiced at MAAP a little of their personal professional experiences and with that the idea is to create a business network between parents.

Conference Event
Industrial smoke


Carbon Credits (CarbonCoin)

All projects that are carried out that have the principle of making the world healthier and more sustainable and that in fact achieve this feat of reducing or sequestering the carbon emitted generate carbon credits and based on each detail and each project completed or in progress counts to our Carbon Credits counter returned by our team of programmers.Know more...


Horticulture & Cooking

When Sala Maker gets involved in a project such as horticulture, imagination takes over and the result is always beyond expectations. Sala Maker started a project whose slogan is the phrase: From land to plate. Where students will do everything from preparing the soil to creating recipes in the cooking class using what they planted. Furthermore, the Horticulture space at MAAP opens up paths for capturing sustainable energy and developing the Carbon Credits project.

Vegetable Picking
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