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College Maap
Affection, care and commitment
to form great little people


Director's Word

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"I thank God for the gift and the endowment 
that gave me, to educate and prepare citizens for a future full of challenges, making them ready and unafraid to discover the unknown"


Aunt Cidinha

M. Aparecida André Perez, Director

Our Coordinators

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Gabriela Perez

Early Childhood Education Coordinator

Our story

“Founded in the spirit of dynamic growth, social justice and intellectual pursuit.”

    Our story began in mid-1992, with the support of the whole family, in a house where children were literate, seated on cushions and their notebooks supported on the seat of chairs. Very important time.
    However, the work developed was spreading through word-of-mouth dissemination and what was said was that with Tia Cidinha the children played a lot, were happy and also learned.
    New students kept coming in, new collaborators were admitted and everything was adapting. In October 1999 we became the "Tia Cidinha Recreation Center" the pedagogical quality was increasingly improved and one of the differentials for the time was that parents could enter the school and visit their children at any time and our work was constantly increasing. increasingly recognized.
   In December 2004 it was changed from "Tia Cidinha Recreation Center" with the hiring of more qualified professionals and a more present pedagogical coordination to "Tia Cidinha Child Education School", special professionals came to be part of our team, despite being small. our school has always been considered one of the best in the region and our priority has always been to value the child and the family. 
    The success and evolution of "EEI Tia Cidinha" was due to all the effort of the team, and the trust and participation of the parents.

    However, we inaugurated the official headquarters of EEI Tia Cidinha at Av. Alberto Byington, serving Nursery, Kindergarten and also Elementary School, where we became Colégio Maap.
    Our story is the story of everyone who has lived here and are part of this family since 1992, proudly dedicated to education.

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Since 1992 writing its history.

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