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education cycles




02 -05 YEARS

It is known that until recently this teaching was considered of minor importance. Over time, it has come to realize that today the whole world is waking up to the importance of early childhood education. We know that early stimulation of children contributes a lot to their future learning. It helps to develop their motor, affective and social relationship skills. Children's contact with educators becomes learning relationships. Since 1998, it has followed the National Curriculum Reference for Early Childhood Education, a document equivalent to the National Curriculum Parameters (PCN) that supports the other segments of Basic Education. Early Childhood Education aims at the integral development of children, taking into account the social, cognitive, emotional and bodily aspects.


05 - 10 YEARS

You certainly dream of seeing your little one pass the year in high school, enter college, then get his first job and always succeed. To make all this a reality, it is necessary to invest in the first cycle of elementary education, which goes from the first to the fourth grade. According to a 2011 study by the Institute of Education and Research (Insper-SP), the good use of children at this stage is decisive for them to have an excellent performance at university and, consequently, to be better prepared to face the labor market.

The study also identified that the Brazilian states with the best assessment indices for elementary education - the South and Southeast regions - have higher quality higher education institutions. In addition, this research concluded that the sooner a child enters school, the greater the chances that he or she will succeed in life.

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