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Decoração festivas
Capa Sympla Arraial 2023.png

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Stay up to date with all the news about the event:

Action Between Friends:

Have you ever thought about the smallest thing? Run and buy your Action Between Friends Tickets because this year we will have as a prize aIPHONE 14 marvelous with an incredible 128GB. Get ready to join the apple team 🍎. 

Buy your Tickets right now by clicking here.

Winner Iphone.png

The winner of Ação Entre Amigos 2023 was: Buyer: Vinicius Gaspari, Student seller: Miguel Beça, Number: 0317.

Miss/Mister Caipirinha Contest:

The big moment has arrived!!!!

1st Place - Pedro Vares

2nd Place - Pedro Ferreira

3rd Place - Giovanna Temperani

Oh, what a joy... All I know is that the winners won just a great train... This year the prize was amazing!!! First place won a maravitop TABLET.

Pontuação Prendas 2023
Concuso Miss/Mister Caipirinha 23
Live recording

Live music:

At Arraiá do MAAP there is live music all day long, you will love it! Eating, drinking and chatting while listening to a little music is for no one! 

Dances of Saint John


The best and most anticipated moment is when our little ones dance and give meaning to this delightful event to participate in. Check the schedule so you don't miss anything. 

June celebration

Eats & Babies:

In Arraiá do MAAP there are many mouth-watering delicacies, you can't even imagine... There's Caldo, Milho Verde, Pastel, Canjica, Arroz Doce, Paçoca, Pé de Muleque, Quentão, Vinho Quente and a lot of other dishes!  ;



At the most enjoyable arraiá of the year, fun is only guaranteed, after all, we are talking about Arraiá do MAAP... Barraca da Pescaria, Argola, Boca do Palhaço and much more...

Mió Arraiá from the Whole World...Book your Ticket by clicking here.

With faith in God this event will be a success!

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their participation and collaboration.

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