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Indoor football (also referred to by the acronym futsal) is football adapted for practice on a sports court by teams of only five players. The teams, as in football, aim to place the ball in the opposing goal, defined by two vertical posts limited by height by a horizontal crossbar. When such an objective is achieved, a goal is said to have been scored, and a point is added to the team that achieved it. The goalkeeper, the last player responsible for avoiding the goal, is the only one authorized to hold the ball with his hands. The match is won by the team that scores the most goals in 40 minutes divided into two halves. Due to the proportions of the playing area, the smaller number of players and the ease in which one can play a game, futsal is already considered by many as the most practiced sport in Brazil, surpassing soccer, which is still the most popular. Strictly speaking, there are two modalities of the sport, one of which is the oldest, established when the International Federation of Indoor Soccer or Indoor Futsal (FIFUSA) regulated the practice of the sport and therefore known as indoor soccer-FIFUSA, and the other , established under FIFA regulations, known as futsal (although this term currently indistinctly refers to the practice of the sport in both versions). The differences are limited to a few rules, but they end up significantly influencing the dynamics and plasticity of the game.

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