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Ballet (French Ballet) is the name given to a style of dance that originated in the courts of Renaissance Italy during the 15th century, and which developed further in England, Russia and France as a form of concert dance. The first performances in front of the audience were made with the audience seated in layers or galleries, arranged on three sides of the dance floor. They are mainly performed with classical music accompaniment. Ballet is an influential type of dance worldwide that has a highly technical form and its own vocabulary. This dance genre is very difficult to master and requires a lot of practice. It is taught in their own schools around the world, which use their own cultures and societies to inform this type of art. The different ballet techniques, including mime and acting, are choreographed and performed by trained artists and also accompanied by musical arrangements (usually orchestral but occasionally vocal). It is a balanced style of dance that incorporates the fundamental techniques for many other forms of dance. Its best known form is the romantic ballet or "Ballet Blanc", which values the dancer over any other element, focusing on pointe work, fluidity and precise acrobatic movements. This shape uses the conventional white French tutu as a costume. Currently there are several other ballet modalities, including expressionist, neoclassical ballet and modalities that incorporate elements of modern dance. The basics of ballet are: upright posture; use of en dehors (external rotation of the lower limbs), circular movements of the upper limbs, body verticality, discipline, lightness, harmony and symmetry.

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