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One of the most effective ways to diversify and encourage the development of children in the pedagogical process is through activities that go beyond the traditional teaching pattern.

Even as beginners, it is impossible not to be enchanted by the aroma of spices, the color of vegetables and the magic of helping to prepare food. But the benefits go beyond the good smell and keen appetite. Classes become a tool for improving social skills, socializing and learning other subjects. For example, weighing ingredients can help with math and observing the changes in food textures when an ingredient is placed reinforces chemistry concepts. New words also enter the vocabulary, in addition to contact with other cultures and food origins.

In cooking classes, children can exercise teamwork, the ability to organize and follow guidelines, patience, in addition to becoming aware of garbage, waste, care and respect for nature.


Cooking classes are already part of the curriculum of some schools, such as Colégio MAAP and  MAAP Baby . The activity takes place weekly and is aimed at students between 2 and 10 years old. “When we leave the classroom and take students to different environments, such as the kitchen, it is possible to learn new content and develop skills more easily,” said the school's principal, Maria Ap André Perez.

By reading the recipe, calculating, measuring and mixing the ingredients, students reinforce the concepts of other subjects, such as: mathematics, Portuguese, history and science.

During classes, students also develop motor skills. “Even younger children who are not yet literate gain with improved motor coordination. Older children, on the other hand, work on strength and coordination movements, which allow them to perform more complex tasks in their daily lives. In general, both younger and older children are delighted with the transformations made in the classes" he says

Children should, from an early age, be encouraged to embrace the world of food without neurosis, without charge and without the encouragement of fast food and nothing nutritious, fast food.

Learning that food should be your ally is essential for children. Many have difficulties in consuming different and unknown foods, simply due to the lack of contact with the food world and without having any kind of reference in this regard. This contact can start at home, at school, and go on to the rest of the world.

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